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About Us

About Us

The idea of working with shed hunting dogs and being a pro dog trainer has always been a goal in my life.  The increased chance of finding that big shed antler,  making the record books,  going to pro shows, hosting competition shed hunting dog hunts,  knowledge of deer activity.   Making something really nice-antler chandeliers,  knife handles,  table lamps,  or wine racks. If you enjoy shed hunting then you mst check out our antler hunting dogs.

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About Myself: 

I grew up on a farm near Rochester, Minnesota. I have always loved animals, especially dogs. Throughout the years I have [coon, duck, pheasant, and now shed] hunted with many dogs. Shed dogs by far are the most exciting as a Dog trainer.  Training our shed dogs and watching them find shed antlers is like treasure hunting. If you are reading this and enjoy shed hunting, you must experience a shed hunting dog from Pro Dog Trainers

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